Boult Audio Launches Super-Affordable Wired Earphones

Boult Audio has established a brand new set of wired earphones in India with ergonomically angled ear hints along with habit ear loop fastener. Called ‘Loupe’, it is positioned at the budget section, and features an MRP of Rs. 672.

Nonetheless, regardless of its budget placement, the gadget has a premium layout, and contains a metallic constructed with a glistening finish, states the company. It is available in red, black and grey, and can be recorded available for selling the company’s very own webstore.

Boult Audio Launches Super-Affordable Wired Earphones

Boult Audio Launches Super-Affordable Wired Earphones

The Loupe earphones include high quality, tangle-free wires which include a Kevlar coating to guarantee durability. The company also asserts the high-rigidity AL metal housings help reduce undesirable resonances by aiming the sound in the listener’s ear canal, which makes for a smooth, enjoyable and disturbance-free sound experience.

The earphone has a gold-plated 3.5millimeter port, and contains an integrated condenser mic for HD calls and voice control. The unit can also be thought to possess built-in micro-woofers which helps it create a top bass. The company further claims that the system features 3D acoustics with synchronized and innovative sensory encounter.

What is more, a stabilizer guarantees linear diaphragm motion, while the silicone see-through flexible ear fastener not merely increases the aesthetics and elegance, but also serves as an ear-fin by fitting to the outer earlobe fascia, thus preventing the earphone from coming even workout sessions.Boult Audio Launches Super-Affordable Wired Earphones

Boult Audio has been rather active lately, starting a lot of new goods in India, for example, ‘Xplode’ wireless earphones and the ‘Echo’ wireless earbuds. Though the former is priced at Rs. 2,249, the latter has an MRP of Rs. 7,499, but is offered at a discounted cost of Rs. 2,249 on

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