Top Chinese carrier China Mobile teases dual-SIM

Apple is expected to unveil fresh iPhones on Wednesday – and escapes from China are already giving us hints on what is to come.

China Mobile, one of the nation’s top carriers, printed a poster on its Hong Kong Facebook webpage that states,”The fruit affirms two SIM cards” — indicating the iPhone X successors will comprise dual-SIM.Top Chinese carrier China Mobile teases dual-SIM

A Facebook article from China Mobile (left) along with a rumored poster by China Telecom.

In addition to this, a Weibo leaker also posted that which he asserts to be an inner demonstration slide out of China Mobile, showing many special details of this new iPhone lineup.

An alleged demonstration slide from China Mobile leaked on social networking.

It states the iPhone XS along with the iPhone XS Plus will be Apple’s first dual-SIM apparatus. The iPhone XC, the less expensive variant of this batch, will encourage only one SIM card.

While not one of those leaks show us exactly what the apparatus will really look like, venerated Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo anticipates the iPhone XC to come in blue, red, orange, grey, and white — and also the iPhone XS to emerge in the conventional silver, space grey, and golden colours.

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Chatter about dual-SIM iPhones has been in existence since the start of this season. Even though a smartphone that supports an extra SIM card slot may sound redundant to a lot of residing in the West, it is an extremely practical characteristic in China which iPhone users are asking about for ages.

Just take an iPhone X consumer like me for example. I operate in Hong Kong but my parents reside from the mainland.

Oddly, once I subscribe to new Chinese programs and services from Hong Kong, I often have difficulty receiving verification codes which are shipped to my number for safety reasons – rather than my Hong Kong one.

For people who travel less, you will find different reasons to need dual-SIM. Most price-conscious consumers in China use the purpose to make the most of different speed plans from various carriers in various regions. Having over one SIM only means more versatility.Top Chinese carrier China Mobile teases dual-SIM

However, dual-SIMs are not the only means for apparatus users to jump between carriers. In reality, Apple currently appears to be moving off from SIM cardsThe iPad and Apple Watch both utilize eSIM rather, which attach permanently into the apparatus and permit users to change carriers without swapping cards.


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