DLF Shopping Malls Unveil India’s

DLF Shopping Malls, that promises to be the nation’s largest and biggest physical market location programs, has announced plans to establish a new mobile program called ‘Lukout’ it says will redefine the shopping experience from India.

The company is going to start the spouse version of the program early September in the India Retail Forum before launch the customer version in October before the festive period, allowing a ‘phygital’ buying experience for customers.

DLF Shopping Malls Unveil India’s

DLF Shopping Malls Unveil India’s First Phygital Platform Lukout

According to an official press release, the Lukout program is a one-stop alternative that provides a curated and customized proximity-based encounter, and provides participating content in terms of newest appearances, trends and much more. Additionally, it supplies real-time location-based supplies while offering amenities such as one-touch parking payment along with valet and concierge services, all from directly inside the program.‘Phygital’, in case you didn’t know it already, is a portmanteau of the words ‘physical’ and ‘digital’, and was coined by marketers to describe the blending of digital experiences with physical ones.

The company further claims that the program will also incorporate its own social networking which will make it possible for millions of customers to socialize among themselves. The program, DLF asserts, will bring to life the company’s vision of ‘decreasing the boundaries between online and offline retail’, also will allow it to ‘enter a new kingdom of digitization, thus strengthen(ing) its own foothold in fresh cutting-edge technology and retail alternatives’.

DLF states it’s linking up with numerous retailers and consumer-oriented companies to host their virtual shops fronts on Lukout and goal customers via real-time data dashboards driven by large data. Some of the prominent partners who have signed-up contain global e-commerce and technologies giant Alibaba, an Airtel-Vodafone JV named Firefly, German IOT leading Minodes, and much more.

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