Honor 8X vs Xiaomi Mi 6X Execs

It is natural to compare their apparatus with the contest, and many companies do so at product launch events. Something similar occurred with the launching of a new smartphone in Huawei — Honor 8X, but unlike the standard trend, now the other company attempted to pick apart Honor’s smartphone.Honor 8X vs Xiaomi Mi 6X Execs From Both Companies Square

Following the initiation of the Honor 8X, Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin chose to Weibo into compare the Honor newcomer with the newly established Mi 6X, which has also been refashioned as the Mi A2 out China.From the article, the Xiaomi executive emphasized how Mi 6X slays Honor 8X in each area and obviously, the article was a perfect recipe for battle. Xiaomi had tried to flip the world’s focus from Honor Magic 2’s launching at IFA 2018 by sharing a peek of this Mi MIX 3 moments following the event.

In reaction to Bin’s asserts, Honor’s VP Xiong Junmin jumped to the stadium, saying the competitors are baffled by remarkable goods coming from Huawei and Honor. Honor’s President George Zhao also adopted, indicating that it’s only been two days since the initiation of the Honor 8X and the first reaction in the media was fantastic. He added that customers should wait for reviews before jumping to any conclusion.

Zhao also took a slender jibe at his counterpart from Xiaomi, saying that he’s sorry for being happy that Honor 8X is causing pain to the competitors.Honor 8X vs Xiaomi Mi 6X Execs From Both Companies Square

Coming back to the scores shared by the Xiaomi prez, Honor 6X with Snapdragon beat the Honor 8X which packs in a newer Kirin 710 chip with NPU. Ironically, despite the AI, the Honor device seems to have scored much less than the Mi 6X.

We couldn’t verify the claims since Honor 8X is not available with us yet but if you’re curious to know about the Xiaomi Mi 6X, you can check out the review here.

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