Huawei Releases 600G Ultra-High-Speed

Huawei has today launched the NE40E-F1A router, which is claimed to be the industry’s earliest cloud-scale programmable router which supports ultra-high-density interfaces and gives a peak capacity of a staggering 2 Terabits per minute. Unveiled at the fifth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2018) in Switzerland, the NE40E-F1A router is geared toward delivering a superior performance in regards to demanding functions involving 5G, 4K, and VR services.Huawei Unveils NE40E F1A Router 600G Ultra HighSpeed Optical network

Along with presenting the NE40E-F1A router, Huawei also introduced a 600G ultra-high-speed optical system solution that is touted to provide the greatest single-fiber capability of an impressive 40T in its own class. The new network alternative relies on the organization’s OptiXtreme oDSP processors which help deliver a flexible single-wavelength speed of around 600G.

Huawei points which the exodus of operators involving a dispersed telco cloud for providing better solutions associated with 5G connectivity, VR, etc. has generated a lot of problems like improved traffic between data centres and link doubts. On the other hand, the NE40E-F1A router SRv6 flexible programming, modular layout and plug-and-play capacity conquer the aforesaid issues and facilitates the development of a scalable and flexible automatic system for telecom operators.

“The simplified metro structure is the future direction for telco cloud bearer creation. Huawei provides a complete selection of cloth routers to construct a scalable, programmable, and highly automatic next-generation simplified metro community, allowing telco cloud solutions in numerous situations”, President of Huawei’s, Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line, Jeffry Gao stated in an official media statement concerning the new router that leverages Huawei’s CloudMetro network alternative.Huawei Unveils NE40E F1A Router 600G Ultra HighSpeed Optical network

In terms of the organization’s freshly-released 600G Ultra-High-Speed Optical Network Option, Huawei asserts it will tackle the telecom operators’ on-demand requirement for UHS transmission systems that may lessen the’total cost of ownership’ (TCO) and bring down the per-bit transmission price. The Chinese firm’s new optical system solution provides a spectral efficiency of 8 bit/s/Hz, which can be maintained to the very best in the business and 50% higher than the current single-wavelength 400G technology.

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