Leaked ‘Shortwave’ Concepts

Google Podcasts could be the technology giant’s podcast program of choice, however the company last month confirmed it is focusing on an all-new item of software for playing and discovering podcasts. Called ‘Shortwave’, the newest program is seemingly being developed from the Area 120 group, which will be explained by the technology giant for a ‘workshop for Google’s experimental merchandise’.Leaked Shortwave Concepts Are Early Exploratory and Outdated

In a report released Thursday, 9to5Google asserted it had stumbled upon online records that seemingly explain in fantastic detail ‘the overall assumption behind Shortwave using an program mockup, branding, along with other guidelines’. The files were posted on the site of a former Google engineer, that the website refrained from naming, since the files were confidential and never supposed to go people.

Google has reacted to the report, stating that the leaked layout record includes ‘obsolete’ theories that in no way represent the present item. According to the company, “The terminology here’s really a long-outdated artifact of ancient exploratory concept function, rather than representative of this item today. In authentic Area 120 style, teams are constantly experimenting and iterating, therefore regrettably, the Shortwave group has ‘waved’ goodbye to the strategy”.Leaked Shortwave Concepts Are Early Exploratory and Outdated

It is not entirely clear just how much of those ancient designs will percolate down to the last program, but for all it is worth, the leaked layouts reveal the logo, a few prospective taglines, along with also a ‘Brand Statement’ that asserted the program will help users detect stuff they wish to listen to, and will allow them sample those podcasts from ‘little parts’ as part of a ‘long story short’ attribute, as seen in the picture below (left)Leaked Shortwave Concepts Are Early Exploratory and Outdated

It is not immediately clear how the last Shortwave program will differ from Google Podcast, but after it hits primetime, it’ll be intriguing to see whether it is going to fare better than the abysmal 3.4 celebrities which Google Podcasts is rated at the Play Store with more than a million downloads.

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