Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

Certainly, the Poco F1 is effective at knocking out major tablets in several sections. I don’t believe any other maker might dare to challenge this spectacular mixture of specs and pricing at this moment. But it will seem like this Poco has made some pieces unfinished whilst trying to construct the ideal smartphone that meets the cost and functionality expectations.

We have begun to see problems that vary from lack of attention to detail, or problems by migrating elements from MIUI into the new environment known as”MIUI to get Poco”. Poco has also confessed many of those bugs, however there are a few problems which have to be addressed or recognized from the company nonetheless.Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

So, here is a listing of all of the issues that I have come across while using this phone for the last few weeks, or heard from consumer testimonials on Twitter and Reddit.

 Deficiency of HD Service Netflix

Yes, the problem was brought up a great deal and there appears to be no alternative in sight. The deficiency of a Widevine L1 license restricts the Poco F1’s media playing capacity to a max of 540p.

This is a problem which has been highlighted with OnePlus 5 and 5T this past year and comes in mild with Pocophone’s enormous popularity. For the time being, Poco is exploring the problem but allow me to inform you, the permit prohibits granting access for the attribute via OTA. Only to get a head start, you may need to go to a service centre to have the issue solved, if Pocophone decides to repair it.

Cramped Status Bar

While the top notch helps include a tall screen, the trade-off in this circumstance is that you miss out on the alarms. This is largely as a result of bloated display area enclosing the top notch.

So there is no other method of visiting present notifications without dragging the notification menu down. This is in spite of the fact that you truly get an choice to exhibit different telling badges and action indicators in the status bar.Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

Poco may have used the free distance at least once the clock isn’t shown on the status bar, however because that’s not this region of the screen is generally wasted.

Mystery of the Hidden Clock

After up with the previous point, there’s something fishy with the manner MIUI to get Poco deals with all the clock that’s about the left of the top notch. The clock not observable in your home screen once the stock clock widget is employed, while it evolves once you change to a different screen or start an app. The attribute is lifted from MIUI too.

The issue, however, is that if you start the program drawer in the homescreen, the clock remains hidden. On the flip side, once the program drawer is opened out of another webpage, where you are able to observe the clock anyhow, the clock remains . I understand this is a little problem and may not bother a good deal of folks, but it takes away from the perfection which a fantastic UI demands.

Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

Not OK, Google

You may be feeling unfortunate if you have recently purchased the Poco F1 and are heavily determined by Google Assistant. Poco has acknowledged the problem and stated that it’s working on a repair.

 Asymmetric Corners

Another issue that readily captures focus is that the poor balance between the left and the ideal borders of the display when seen in landscape mode. This, as I mentioned at the full inspection of Poco F1, is on account of the curvature of the base corners being considerably higher than most other apparatus, and this supervision contributes to a components being concealed or cut-off while being used. See our example under PUBG Mobile.Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

Another half of the display isn’t satisfying either just because the corners begin gently but finish harshly, almost as though they were cut off until they could finish the curve.

No Chicken Dinner for Bad Shooters

Ironically, the LCD screen on the Poco F1 is great but not as great as the AMOLED panels that grace more superior devices like the OnePlus 6 or even the priciest Galaxy S9+. Obviously, the LCD panel helps Poco keep colours closer to first but a problem that has spanned many PUBG Mobile fans is phantom touch on the Poco F1.

Most Poco F1 owners have complained of problem in utilizing multi-touch in games. While enjoying PUBG, users find it hard to stage the reticle or crosshair, while using the joystick.

Initial speculations indicated it was due to this well-known insect in MIUI which leads to ghost-touch once you swipe fingers down to get a screenshot. However, scrutinizing the gesture doesn’t correct the problem on Poco F1. I have not personally confronted it or have neglected to be aware — listening to many consumers adding into the echo, I think Poco has sufficient reports to discover a solution shortly.

Sound Control on PUBG

Another issue that may issue some hardcore PUBG gamers would be that the sub-optimal volume controller from the video game . While there is no difficulty in toggling the quantity generally, the volume controller breaks once you turn on the microphone to talk with teammates.

I don’t have any doubt the Poco F1 is extremely competent and dependable however, the above-listed problems mar the regular user encounter . Despite so many fantastic attributes, we can not help but believe some corners are cut, which is guaranteed to be seen by consumers. Hopefully, a lot of these can be fixed via software updates.

Xiaomi and Pocophone have taken notice of a number of these problems in this forum article , and we all expect there is a solution in the works for the majority of them. We guarantee to keep you updated about the issues and allow you to know when and as Xiaomi or Poco repairs them.Poco F1 Issues, Bugs, And Problems

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