PUBG Xbox One Glitches Preventing Players

GameRant can also be reporting similar troubles, and was allegedly able to replicate a lot of these problems that have apparently cropped up following the favorite Battle Royale name obtained a fresh upgrade before this week, formally ending the video game’s beta stage.

Many players have been reporting their activities are just unlocking some accomplishments but others. 1 such disgruntled participant claimed their “1,000 kill accomplishment is ticking over but that I had 3 top 10 games now and completely promoted with meds but have enrolled”. It is worth noting that these glitches are different from the earlier Xbox Live issues that have since seemingly been cleared up.

PUBG Xbox One Glitches Preventing Players

PUBG Xbox One Glitches Preventing Players

In accordance with GameRant, the difficulty does not extend to all accomplishments, since a number of them unlocked instantly, while others did not, even after repeated efforts. The site says it could not unlock the accomplishment even after reviving numerous teammates.

A few different accomplishments — ‘You Complete Me’ and ‘Health Junkie’ – are also seemingly not functioning as advertised, together with the accounts asserting that wearing a deceased player’s outfit did not unlock anything in the initial scenario, while completely charging the boost gauge with energy beverages and painkillers failed to accomplish anything in the next instance.

The issue isn’t seemingly impacting everyone, seeing as the reports continue to be sporadic for the most part. On the other hand, the issues are still rather common, so it’s going to be interesting to see how much time it requires PUBG Corp to repair it.

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