Weed, whiskey, Tesla and a flamethrower Elon Musk meets Joe Rogan

The CEO of electric-car manufacturer Tesla (TSLA) and rocket startup SpaceX spent over two-and-a-half hours Thursday night speaking to podcast host Joe Rogan about what it is like inside his mind (“a endless explosion”), maintaining an automobile company in company (“very hard”) and attempting to get authorities to govern artificial intelligence (“nobody listened”).

Musk has come under significant stress in recent weeks over his botched attempt to shoot Tesla personal along with his erratic behaviour . But in the meeting with Rogan, that was streamed on YouTube, he seemed at ease.Weed, whiskey, Tesla and a flamethrower Elon Musk meets Joe Rogan

Being Elon:”’I really don’t think folks would enjoy it much’

Musk touched about the issues of getting the sort of mind which has allowed him to develop and run multiple high tech companies in precisely the identical moment.

“I really don’t think you would always need to be me,” he explained. “I really don’t think folks would enjoy it much.”

The interior of his mind resembles”a endless explosion” with thoughts bouncing around all of the time, he stated, adding that he sees it “very difficult” to turn off his brain . Running Tesla is his”toughest” job, ” he advised Rogan.

The vehicle company has fought to scale up production of its Model 3 car, which was struck by several flaws, intensifying the pressure on Musk.

“It is rather tricky to maintain a car company living,” he explained.
Smoking marijuana:’It is just like a cup of java in reverse’

Musk raised eyebrows on societal media following accepting what Rogan stated was a joint of tobacco and marijuana and also taking a puff. “I mean, it is right?” he asked.

Pot is lawful in California, in which the meeting took place, but Musk’s telephone later began buzzing. He explained.

Musk clarified that he is“not a regular smoker of marijuana” since he”does not find it is very great for productivity.”

Musk advised Rogan that he is not a normal marijuana smoker.

“It is just like a cup of java in reverse,” he added.

Musk currently alerted some Tesla investors by acknowledging in a psychological interview with The New York Times he chooses the prescription medication Ambien since he has trouble sleeping.

He’s denied that he had been smoking marijuana when he delivered his now notorious conversation on August 7 asserting he had secured financing to take Tesla private.
Transport: Flying cars will not’create your neighbors happy’

The meeting touched on among Musk’s preferred topics: manners to revolutionize transport.

Musk said he’d develop preliminary designs for a supersonic, electrical airplane that could take off and land vertically.

However he does not intend to pursue the thought anytime soon, since he’s too busy with Tesla, SpaceX and other endeavors.

“An electric airplane is not important at the moment.”Weed, whiskey, Tesla and a flamethrower Elon Musk meets Joe Rogan

He insisted that his strategies to dig tunnels beneath cities to whisk commuters about in large speed pods would be the ideal way to traffic jams.

“Perhaps it’ll be prosperous, perhaps it will not,” Musk said. The town”is a dreadful place to dig tunnels,” he further added. “Mainly because of paperwork”

The technology entrepreneur ruled out the possibility of flying automobiles, stating they’d be overly noisy and impractical.

“Should you buy one of these toy drones and envision it is 1,000 times thicker – that is not likely to make your neighbors happy,” he clarified.

“If you would like a flying car, simply put wheels onto a helicopter,” he added.

Musk said his attempts to unite the human mind with machines are making progress.

Neuralink intends to connect humans to computers with no physical link by putting tiny electrodes to the brain.

Elon Musk: ” We ought to regulate AI to maintain public protected

Musk has expressed worries regarding the dangers of uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence but states his drive to get a more attentive, controlled approach was”futile.”

He advised Rogan he believes that merging people with computers would be the strategy that”appears likely the very best for usif you can not beat it, join it.

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